Meet the latest winners from your favorite lottery games. Remember, it only takes one ticket to win!

North Carolina Education Lottery Winner Catherine Rhoden

Catherine Rhoden / $100,000

November 25, 2019

RALEIGH – For Catherine Rhoden of Creedmoor, a trip to the grocery store with her boyfriend to get barbecue fixings turned into a $100,000 Powerball win.

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Taylor Russey / $50,000

October 28, 2019

Bartender Taylor Russey recently received a tip from a customer that will not be soon forgotten: a Powerball ticket worth $50,000.

The O’Fallon resident said it was not at all unusual for this particular customer to gift Draw Games tickets to others.

“One of the regulars will buy the rest of the regulars in the bar Lottery tickets every now and then, especially when it’s high,” Russey said. “And he did that on Saturday – he bought all of us Lottery tickets.”

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Thomas McIntyre / $100,000

October 18, 2019

LANSING, Mich. - A Belleville man has a feeling of "safety" for the future after winning a $100,000 Powerball prize from the Michigan Lottery.

Thomas McIntyre, 64, matched four of the white balls and the Powerball - 12-29-34-53-65 PB: 23 - in the Oct. 12 drawing to win a $50,000 prize. Thanks to the Powerplay, his prize was multiplied by two for a $100,000 prize. He bought his winning ticket online at

Brian O Neill With Phillip and Dawn Chippewa

Phillip Chippewa / $80 Million

September 21, 2019

LANSING, Mich., Oct. 23, 2019 - A Suttons Bay man who is "rich with family" now has cash to match after winning an $80 million Powerball jackpot from the Michigan Lottery. 

CT Lottery Powerball Winner Frank Laquitara and Debbie Long-Combs

Frank Laquitara / $100,000

September 16, 2019

Rocky Hill, CT/September 5, 2019 – Frank Laquitara and his fiancée, Debbie Long-Combs, were driving to visit family in Virginia when she got an email that a winning Powerball ticket worth $100,000 was sold in Connecticut for the August 24 drawing. The Preston couple decided they should take a look at the Powerball tickets tucked in the sun visor of their car.

Maryland Lottery Powerball Winner Over the Line Win

"Over the Line Win" / $250,000

September 5, 2019

Baltimore – A native of the Keystone state frequently crosses the Mason-Dixon Line to take care of business in Maryland — including Maryland Lottery business! On Aug. 31, the Glenville, Pa. resident made such a trip and put $3 on a Powerball ticket for that night’s drawing. He ended up with a $250,000 Powerball Power Play payday.

New York Lottery Powerball Jackpot Winner David Yax

David Yax / $80 Million

September 4, 2019

David Yax of North Evans is the sole winner of the $80 million jackpot from the September 4 Powerball drawing. Yax matched all six numbers drawn, making him the winner of Erie County’s largest jackpot.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” said Yax. “I checked my ticket early one morning and immediately woke up my wife with the good news.”

Nebraska Lottery Powerball Winner Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore / $1,000,000

August 20, 2019

Lincoln, NE – Daniel Moore of Bellwood won $1 million playing Powerball from the Nebraska Lottery.

Moore purchased his winning ticket at Parkview One Stop at 102 Colfax St. in Schuyler. The ticket contained three quick pick plays, one of which matched five out of five winning numbers (18, 21, 24, 30, 60) but not the winning Powerball number (20) from the August 17 drawing.

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Paul Jackson / $150,000

August 20, 2019

RALEIGH – Paul Jackson of Clio, South Carolina said he plans to celebrate his $150,000 Powerball prize with some good food. 

“The first thing I’m going to do is take my family to dinner,” Jackson said. “We’ll head to Outback and get some steaks and a Bloomin’ Onion.”

Georgia Lottery Powerball Winner Joyce Allen

Joyce Wallace / $100,000

July 31, 2019

ATLANTA – Joyce Wallace of Savannah just had the best birthday ever. Wallace, who turned 61 this month, won a $100,000 prize in the July 27 Powerball drawing.

“We are always excited for our winners, and this is an especially fun win with it coinciding with Mrs. Wallace’s birthday,” Georgia Lottery President and CEO Gretchen Corbin said. “Every time you play a Georgia Lottery game, you have a chance to win, and Georgia’s HOPE and Pre-K students win.”