November 16, 2018
Missouri Couple Pleasantly Surprised by $50,000 Win

MISSOURI - Judging by the look on his wife’s face when Raymond Gawedzinski woke up on Nov. 8, he thought somebody had passed away.

“She called for me to come to the living room,” recalled Raymond. “When I walked out of our bedroom, she was holding the Post-Dispatch and had this look on her face. I thought she was looking at the obituaries and someone had passed away.”

Raymond’s wife, Karin, was in fact looking at the winning Powerball numbers from the Nov. 7 drawing.

“We only buy tickets for the Wednesday drawings, so I wake up every Thursday morning and look for the winning numbers in the paper,” said Karin. “I always look at the Powerball number first, and I saw that our ticket had the number 25.”

Karin then saw that their ticket matched an additional four white-ball numbers. Not knowing what the outcome could be, she called for her husband to come take a look.

“I looked up what prize we would get for matching four (white-ball) numbers and the Powerball. I saw $50,000, but I didn’t want to tell her and get her excited,” said Raymond. “We wanted to keep our expectations low until we knew for sure.”

Later that morning, the Gawedzinskis had their Powerball ticket scanned at the Lottery’s St. Louis regional office, which verified that they had won a $50,000 prize.

Both retired, Raymond said that the prize will provide a little more financial security for them and maybe some nicer Christmas gifts.

The couple purchased their winning Quick Pick ticket from QuikTrip, 2260 First Capitol Drive, in St. Charles. The winning numbers were:  26, 28, 34, 42 and 50 with a Powerball of 25.

Missouri Lottery Winners Raymond and Karin Gawedzinski