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MegaHits Players,

After July 31, 2018, the MegaHits multi-jurisdiction video lottery game will cease to be offered. 

We are sorry to see the game end, and thank everyone who has played and enjoyed this game and its predecessor Ca$hola over the years, but please know that the MegaHits departure will clear the way for other exciting game opportunities!

Any money remaining in the MegaHits jackpot at the end of the game will be returned to the participating lottery jurisdictions: Delaware, Ohio, Rhode Island and West Virginia. 

Those lotteries will incorporate their share of the prize money into lottery promotions and games for their players.  Each jurisdiction will determine for itself how to utilize the money.

Thank you again for your interest in MegaHits!

To play for the MegaHits jackpot, players must make a qualifying wager on a participating video lottery terminal. 

A player wins the MegaHits jackpot by matching the required number of symbols in a designated winning-line combination.

A player wins the MegaHits jackpot recorded on the MegaHits computer system at the time of their win.

Complete game rules

MegaHits is a multi-state, wide area progressive video lottery game offered at approved racetracks and other facilities in Delaware, Ohio, Rhode Island and West Virginia.




MegaHits 101

MegaHits awards a cash jackpot which starts at $100,000. Due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of the MegaHits game, the jackpot prize payment will be made approximately two weeks after the prize claim.

The odds of winning the MegaHits jackpot on a single play depends on the qualifying wager on the participating machine. The MegaHits game may be played during operational hours of the facility where the MegaHits video lottery terminal is located.

Launched in July 2011, MegaHits is a multi-jurisdictional video lottery game available only at select venues in Delaware, Ohio and Rhode Island.

MegaHits replaced the Ca$hola game.